Click My Link: March 27, 2015

Happy Friday!  Let's see what's happening in the news. Game of Thrones and Wolf hall -- fantasy and history converge . A quick and dirty guide regarding the "clean reader" app Why we need inclusive lit, not just diverse lit. (YES!) Konrath on ebooks and libraries . Improbable Stacks - a fascinating trek among the stacks How to reach millennial readers . Congrats to the 2015 RITA finalists 6 tips for finding a good SF book Anthony Bourdain's GN serves up severed head sushi . Have a good weekend!

Click My Link: March 17, 2015

Yes, it's been awhile. Oh, I imagine we've had plenty to say, just no time to type any of it. I'd promise that I'd be better, but I wouldn't believe it, if I were you.  But, I'll try. How's that?  In the meantime, I'm super excited about links this morning. So, here they are! Fascinated by how people organize their different piles of library books at home.  I don't think I'd say boys are being "outclassed" by girls, but they are falling behind in reading. Which goes back to the continuous call for YA fic for boys. Remains of Don Quixote author, Miguel de Cervantes, found in convent .  Picture books are not just for babies   (hell, they're not just for kids!) Good post on comics and girls , even though it made me a little sad. Amazon's St. Patrick's Day reading list (I assume all the libraries did their own version....) Historical romance matching era of Downton Abbey S5 Confessions of a Gay Erotica Writer

Click My Link: October 24, 2014

Hello and Happy Friday.  Here's what's going on in the world of letters. The 2014 Kirkus prize winners were announced . Congrats! 13 classic scenes that explain how horror movies work . Chick lit is in its death throes . uhhhh, hello 2009? The unconventional family that gave birth to Wonder Woman San Antonio installs kiosks in the airport where travelers can download digital content. Infographic: YA historical fiction Why the Jane Austen derivatives can't stop, won't stop. Just for fun: A few trailers: Suite FranÒ«ais   The Red Tent

Click My Link: October 14, 2014

Rising to the challenge: re-envisioning public libraries Can books change the world?   (yes!) Do you know your literary villains? The Telegraph talks to some romance novelist Ex-Pats. Afghanistan fledgling publishing industry takes first steps . (nice!) Have you marked your calendars for Harry Potter book night? Clare's The Mortal Instruments  to be rebooted as a tv show Grave found which suggests victim was killed by vampire hysteria .  In the 13th century. Earlyword handicaps the fall book to tv adaptations. Have a great Tuesday!

Click My Link: October 13, 2014

Good Morning, and Happy Monday!  Have some links: Today's must read article on diversity in publishing. The 50 best diverse children's books Is E-reading to your toddler story time or screen time?   Aren't they hearing a story either way? Book Ban rumors boost authors in China What to look for in: Horror First look at Netflix's interpretation of Daredevil (I'm very excited about this) 14 things you probably don't know about Margaret Atwood Adobe gathering ebook data . Of course. Flavorwire talks plague based novels. 3M cloud library launches hardware lending program with the Nook glowlight Booklist mag's Core Collection series starring: Gay and Lesbian romance novels Just for fun: Thug notes takes on Dracula

Click My Link: September 30, 2014

National Book Foundation names its 5 under 35 . (I miss the list on technical AND merit grounds) The Harry Potter collection record goes to.... Gilmore Girls reading inspired challenge. The finalists for the Kirkus Prize are in . Guardian books talks music memoirs . The David Bowie book trysts Fall/Winter First books. Annoyed Librarian takes on guns in libraries . Just for fun: Get your Batman stamps! Infographic: A guide to Star Trek uniforms

Click My Link: September 25, 2014

Are you ready for the 31 horror films in 31 days challenge? Band books and Banned books! Authors to ask for DOJ probe of Amazon. The Top 10 walks in books. AZ booksellers and libraries sue over new "revenge porn" law.