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Happy Thursday, party people! Have some links.

The Digital Public Library of America launches April 18, 2013 at Noon (EST)

A post on "What we hope the DPLA will become."

"Rather than just having vast pools of information about works from US collections – wouldn't it be great if there were hand picked anthologies of works by Emerson or Dickinson curated by leading scholars? Or collections of songs or paintings relating to a specific region, chosen by knowledgeable local historians who know about allusions and references that others might miss?"

The first book printed in the US (1640) could fetch about $20M at auction.

"Next generation" ebook launched at LBF. (Huh. This seems more like a cool game than a book.)

A snapshot of our nation's bookmobiles.

As is customary, Pulitzer prize wins lead to bumps in sales. (List of the winners.)

The most ridiculous claims used to challenge classic books. (According to Flavorwire)

Also from Flavorwire, the questio…

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Happy Tuesday!

From the Los Angeles Review of Books, a discussion of the rise of the Amish romance.

What is the business of literature?

To Kill A Mockingbird is the runaway choice for Great American Novel.

How to recommend books to readers who are in a slump.

I'm not linking to "Morality in America" but it says that the ALA makes the dirty dozen in porn purveyors list. I'll link to NPR reporting the news

Novels are too personal to be propaganda?  I don't buy that. What do you think?

The Fair Use/Fair Dealing handbook.

Will Librarians Still Use Goodreads? (featuring BOTH of us)


The top ten most influential travel books. (According to the Smithsonian Institution.)

Ten great books on the Iraq War.

The best fantasy novels you (probably) haven't read. (Ok, fine, they got me.)

Just for Fun:

A flowchart of the Stephen King universe.

Producers of the Game of Thrones TV show will not be waiting for the books, if it comes down to that.