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Your abbreviated links!  Happy Friday!

SciFiNow runs down the top 5 comics & graphic novels of 2012

Librarian bait: The top 100 most searched for Out of Print books

Jack Reacher not reaching the fans.

Best photography books of 2012 according to The Guardian

I'm not a juvenile lit aficionado, but this NPR interview with Rick Riordan made me fee like I was missing out!

Just for fun:
38 End of the World movies in 3 minutes!  Ready, Set, GO! 

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A message "To Macmillan Trade Authors, Illustrators, and Agents" (and the world) from John Sargent  (some of news of interest to libraries towards the end)

 And, a reaction to John Sargent's letter. 

NuOverdrive is now live at 22 libraries. (does YOUR library have it yet?)

In more Books ----> Movie news:  Angelina Jolie slated to direct Hillenbrand's Unbroken.

Grimm's Fairy Tales turns 200.

Just for fun:

The best astronomy images of 2012(wow)

A new trailer for The Great Gatsby.

Happy Thursday!

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Best Covers of the Year: Part 2

For Best Covers part 1, click here. It has been a pretty darn good year for covers. Let's get to the rest of the list!

It takes all the conventions from the urban fantasy book cover playbook (broody, pouting heroine plus weapon, plus posing) and elevates them. The background is outstanding. Looking at her sword arm, I was hoping she was part cyborg. Maybe she is. I need to read it to find out.

I love everything about this cover (except maybe the overabundance of words on it.) It is gorgeously drawn. It is gorgeously colored. The details are perfect. You get a sense of her walking through the forest, with the movement of the leaves and her positioning. The lantern even looks like it might mid-swing.

My favorite cover that looks like a movie poster. In fact, I am already in line to see this movie because it looks awesome. The detail on that cover is pretty impressive.

Funniest cover: Every time I see this cover, it makes me laugh. Every single time. I hate zombies. I hate clowns. Bu…

Best Covers of the Year: Part 1

After a year's worth of cover goodness (and badness), these are the ones that seem just as beautiful now as they did when I first saw them. When I looked back on the covers from this year, a lot that I had marked as wonderful had really lost a step or two when taking a second look. Maybe that is because taste can change over the course of a year, or maybe they shine less bright when compared to an entire year's worth of competition.

As usual, these are only the things that caught MY eye this year, and I would love to hear your opinions on these, or any other covers that caught YOUR eye in 2012.

When I saw this one, I could not stop staring at it. It is one of the most realistic post-apocalyptic scenes I've seen on a cover, and it works. If you look at it too long, it starts to look like the clouds are moving...that's your cue to go to the next book.

I normally ignore reprints, because we often already have the book. That saves some time in my life. But, this one is sim…

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From Oliver Sacks, "Reading the Fine Print": "Writing should be accessible in as many formats as possible."

The books that made the most "Best of 2012" book lists. (I love statistics!--Helga)

Cleveland Plain Dealer picks the Best Nonfiction of 2012

According to USA Today, the Holidays are the "Heartbeat" of Print Book Sales.

People are using ereaders to (gasp!) read more books!

Karin Slaughter's Will Trent series is coming to the movies. And possibly TV.

Chase Novak's (or Scott Spencer, whichever name you prefer) novel Breed will also be adapted for film.

The world really needed a Hunger Games-style reality TV series, right?

Literary Death Match also, possibly, coming to a tv near you

LeVar Burton reboots Reading Rainbow (In my next life, I'd like to be an app!)

Found: A new Hans Christian Andersen story!

John Ringo, David Weber, and Lois McMaster Bujold now available at Amazon in ebook format.

HuffPo shares the best Art Books of…

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Greetings!  Here is what I'm looking at around the web this morning.

Breakup letters from famous authors.

Curious about rap lyrics?  Check the encyclopedia   (this may be my new favorite thing today)

Medium Rare and Back Again: A Tolkien cookbook

Lit Ragger brings Literary Journals to iPads and phones.

Hans Christian Andersen's first fairy tale found.

Ownshelf helps readers share their digital libraries with friends.    (curious.....)

Teleread's 2013 E-Book Market Predictions

Just for fun:

A little bit of fun with Warm Bodies movie posters. The movie comes out on February 1, 2013.  Interest in the book is heating up again. 

Happy Thursday!

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Some more highly anticipated SF/F books for 2013.

WSJ talks about why women writers still take men's names. (hint: "For a new author, we want to avoid anything that might cause a reader to put a book down and decide, 'not for me,' " Ms. Sowards says.")

Nightmare Magazine's Top 100 Horror books (a bit of Reader's Advisory I'm so happy to see!)

Wanna know how to check out ebooks from your library? Ask the New York Times, of course!

NPR talks Elektra, one of my favorite all time characters. (I remember the first time I read this book.)

Baen inks deal with Amazon, makes major changes to Webscriptions and Free Library.

And your Audiobook Grammy nominees are...

Speaking of audiobooks, AudioGals talks Christmas gifts for the audiobook lover.

Dollar e-books under siege.

Battle of the celeb memoirs: UK version. 

Four design featurettes for Les Miserables.

Just for fun: 

The best literary quotes ever tattooed!

Christmas gifts for the Nerd who reads everything. (Gre…

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Time's Top 10 titles (and everything else) of 2012.

And the NEW Oprah book club pick is.....The Twelve Tribes of Hattie.

Cosmo and Harlequin team up to make red-hot ebook babies.

And the Bad Sex award goes to...

After huge reno, the Charles Dickens museum re-opens. (road trip!!)

Hachette has dropped agency pricing on ebooks (and their library pricing went up recently).

Galleycat serves up the most overlooked books of 2012

Just for fun:

My new favorite thing: Honest Trailers. This is the one for The Dark Knight Rises. It is honest(ly) hilarious. And accurate.

Happy Wednesday!

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So, last day of November, what say ye?

Smartphone reading is on the rise (I'm in awe of those who can do this. It's just too small for me)

Eating in? It's the new eating out!  Best Brit "cookery" books of 2012.

American Gods on HBO?  Possibly.....

Confirmed: Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell for tv miniseries.  

LJ talks to us about Holiday Fiction 

Just for fun:

Into my "What the hell?!" file -- U.S. had plans to nuke the moon.

And just because I can't stop laughing at this commercial ---  really, zombie clowns should be outlawed.  Also, if you don't dig zombies, you might want to take a pass on this.

Happy Friday!

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The 2012 Utopiales Awards announced. I confess, I hadn't heard of these awards before, but hey, more awards!

The Encyclopedia of Fantasy is now online. Enjoy it!

Barnes & Noble Decides that purchased ebooks are only yours until your credit card expires (Alternatively titled: what in the ever loving hell?!)

Happy Wednesday!

In English, and beyond....

Does your library carry books in foreign languages? Not just language learning, but actual text in different languages? Many libraries do and yet, people are often surprised to find books in German, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, etc. on the shelves.

We carry books in a variety of languages, from the very popular (Spanish) to the more obscure (Urdu). We have 18 titles in Urdu text, all of which have circulated more than once. We have 247 Korean language books in the collection, many of them new titles, with varying circulation stats. Some have gone out multiple times, some not at all.

Because we have a floating collection, we do not have to assign books to certain branches around the city. This is a great thing for foreign language books because we haven't found any good ways to find out, in branch service areas, what languages are most popular. There is anecdata about this part of town being heavy with Russian speakers, and that part of town having lots of Chinese speakers. Spanish se…

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An interview with Simon Tolkien.

Salon asks an interesting question: Has the Apocalypse Gone the Way of Vampires?

Flavorwire talks 10 TV Shows better than the books they were based on. This should be interesting...

Attention copyright nerds: Another fair use victory for libraries.

Harpercollins launches digital-only YA imprint.

The Guardian asks: Which books could lure a 13 year old boy from his Xbox? (what about a 31 year old boy? I'm asking for a friend...)

Filed under Very Cool: From the archive, Mary Shelley on the origins of Frankenstein.

Futurebook interviews Charlie Redmayne, CEO of Pottermore.

The Digital Reader talks about "The Merger Apocalypse."

And, just for fun:

I am APPALLED that the Game of Thrones/Seinfeld mashup made me laugh my fool head off. But, it did.

Happy Monday!

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Cold Days will be released next week.  But YOU can have a Jim Butcher interview right now (aren't you lucky!)

The All-TIME 100 Video Games. Do I really trust Time Magazine on something this important?

I love infographics!  Check out the best-selling SF books of all time.

November 20th is the Africa in Science Fiction Symposium in London.

Penguin expands library ebook lending with B&T.

Yes, library patrons really DO buy ebooks: 3.2/month.

E-reading isn't reading! And the wonderful response.

How readers discovered a debut novel: A case study.

File this under: Of COURSE they are.  "Ebooks are tracking your reading habits."

And, in case you missed it, the "All About Romance Audio" chat from Tantor Audiobooks.  I'm talker #2. 

And just because it made me laugh:

The top 10 evil monkeys in Geekdom

Happy Monday.

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Following up on Publishers Weekly's recent announcement of their best books of 2012 (top 10 and various genres), Amazon weighs in with its top 10 books of 2012. No real surprises, although I'm sure the John Green fans will be happy.

Barack Obama and Elie Wiesel will collaborate on a book "of two friends."

Is Horror a genre "doomed to literary hell?"

How about adding a soundtrack to your reading experience?

Starz will be developing Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series for television.

There's a new Bridget Jones novel in the works from Helen Fielding.

Two Ray Bradbury pieces coming this fall.

Travel through the United States with a Young Adult book for every state! The United States of YA.

A question you probably weren't worried about: Why do we take books on vacation?

People of the Bookshelf: Pulitzer-prize winner Geraldine Brooks on a shelving obsession.

Just for fun:

Every episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, in limerick form.

Litographs: The text of…

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Leah White talks about building an adult graphic novel collection.

Librarians anticipate the next great reads

iDreamBooks Applies Rotten Tomatoes Model to Book Reviews

A loooong New Republic article on the Bookless Library.

English Teacher: "I was wrong about 'Hunger Games'." This sounds way more like a tabloid article than it ought to, but the basic point is that The Art of Fielding is no more "literary" than the Collins trilogy.

From the GuardianCrime Fiction: Evidence Points to a Clash in Genres: Some big names in detective fiction argue that their novels are closer to the fantastical genres--science fiction, fantasy and horror--than many had suspected.

The bestselling Sci-Fi books of all time. Not sure how Lord of the Rings ends up on this list.

Just For Fun:

From PWxyz, Ugly Covers for Great Books.

Don't you want to see what people are reading on the New York subway?

After you've seen The Dark Knight Rises.....

You may have heard of a movie releasing this weekend about a certain Caped Crusader.  After you've seen it (and, if you're like me, seen it AGAIN), you'll be looking for something to keep the superhero buzz going until the next movie.   Fear not, the library is here to fill the need.

"A Movie in Your Mind."  Graphic Audio takes on audiobooks in a whole new way.  They are full cast, complete with sound effects that sound incredibly real.  More than once, I've thought a siren in the audio was about to pull me over.  For an immediate post-DKR Batman fix, try....

Batman: Inferno

Batman: The Stone King

Batman: No Man's Land Pt. 1 and Pt. 2

Batman: Dead White

If you're ready to upgrade to the full Justice League, we also have Crisis on Infinite Earths, Infinite Crisis Pt. 1 and Pt. 2, 52  Pt. 1 and Pt. 2, Trail of Time, Exterminators, and individual stories featuring Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and The Flash.

If you prefer the action in front of you, instead o…