Click My Link: November 29, 2012

(new!) It's based on a book?  Early Word links Cogan's Trade and Brad Pitt's Killing Them Softly 

You just know (or hope) this will look BEAUTIFUL on iPad  --  George R.R. Martin's A World of Ice and Fire for iPhone and iPad.

It's that time of year, folks......

NYT talks the 100 Notable books of 2012.

Kirkus talks about the BEST fiction of 2012.

Kirkus ALSO talks about the best SF/F of 2012.

Kirkus on the best Thrillers of 2012.

Kirkus on the best Mysteries of 2012.

Kirkus on the best Historical Fiction of 2012.

Kirkus on the best "Fiction about Love and Sex" of 2012. (ummmm, can we not call it Romance anymore?)

Kirkus on the best Short Story Collections of 2012.
The Reader's Bill of Rights, Illustrated. (I love this!)

Random House the latest to announce digital-only imprint.

The Richard Burton diaries. (next on Lifetime?)

Just for fun:

(new!) Goodreads presents: the Hipster Lit Flow Chart.  (you KNOW how much I love flow charts!)  

Happy Thursday, folks! 


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