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Mix My Media (please!)

Can we talk, for a minute, about things that aren't books? Don't get me wrong, I love books. I do. I always have. And, honestly, I can't even imagine that a day will come when I will disavow them. Not even for a million dollars. Not even for ten mill.....well, let's not go quite THAT far. But, the point remains, I love books so this is not even close to an anti-book screed.

And, I understand that books and literacy are, and have been, the cornerstone of libraries. That's wonderful. Encouraging literacy, and a love of reading, is a fantastic thing to be associated with your organization/profession. I can't think of many people who would argue against these things, and it makes for wonderful, heart warming stories to share with people who hold the purse strings.

But, libraries have been circulating things OTHER than books for a long time. In fact, I don't know that I can remember a time when libraries only had books. Even the tiny library in my hometown had …

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Infrequent Ordering: Adult Graphic Novels

I covered some of this ground in Getting Started with Graphic Novels, but I wanted to revisit the topic for a more in-depth look at how I choose what adult graphic novels to purchase. As I mentioned, I use a variety of review sources and websites, including:

Library Journal, Booklist, Publishers WeeklyThe A.V. Club, Graphic Novel Reporter, Paste, NPR, i09, DiamondEisner nominees and other lists curated by organizations like YALSANew York Times bestseller lists (and occasionally reviews from NYT or LA Times) Since I only order graphic novels one or two times a year, I needed a method to keep track of the items that are reviewed or listed over the course of the year. To do this--surprising to no one, I'm sure--I use a spreadsheet. When I encounter a potential purchase, I record the publication year, author, and title, as well as the review source. 
On the far left, I assign stars based on how much weight I'm giving a certain title. Something like Rasl might have only been reviewe…

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