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Happy Wednesday!

Coffee table books remain a print staple. (I like to call them "Picture Books for Adults")

Massachusetts to launch state-wide digital library.

More lists!

10 books to wake up your book club.

10 imaginary countries in books.

10 portraits of famous authors as teenagers. Or you can check out the #librariansasteenagers on Twitter and Tumblr.

Just for Fun:

There is no fun today, only Zuul.

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Wednesday is here again, people.

In depressing news, Jane Goodall's new book contains passages reproduced without attribution.

10 Classic Books that Should be Adapted (slide show). (Not sure I'm on board with The Silmarillion...)

Infographic:Many reasons why you need your librarian 

Google now allows searching for animated gifs

The SCOTUS opinion in Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & Sons is in. Read Prof. Kenny Crews' breakdown of the decision here. (you'll be glad you did!)

Is the guidebook dead? (Just like all other books have been dead a time or two?)

If you like stats the way I like stats, check out this compilation of the Best Books of 2012, brought to you by Neil Hollands at the Williamsburg Regional Library (Blogging For a Good Book). He's got breakdowns by genre and the post lists books with more than 15 list mentions (unsurprisingly, Gone Girl tops the list with 48 mentions--of 120 sources).

Stephenie Meyer hopes to lure Twilight fans to The Host

Three conte…

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It's finally Friday. Let's see what the links forecast for us today.

Libraries in the subway?

My big case of library commercial envy

World War Z audiobook going from awesome to totally rad!  

James Franco to make Broadway debut in Of Mice and Men

10 Great American Novel contenders from the past decade.

Hyperion books will (reportedly) sell off most of its titles and focus on TV-related books.

Susan Orlean is going to write The Library Book

The book will explore the power of libraries and her “quest to solve a crime that has gone unsolved since it was carried out in 1986: who set fire to the Los Angeles Public Library,
A "Netflix for Children's Books"  (which sounds like a subscription library to me)

Happy Friday!

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Happy Monday, everyone!   Hope you have a great start to the week.  And now the news!

Sony launches new children's ebook platform.

Save the date: 2013 Library of Congress National Book Festival (I want to finally go this year!)

Literary fiction: in a class of its own? (most of us have already decided literary fiction was just another genre.)

Anthony Horowitz (one of my faves) on the madness of awards season.

Between the lines: so many books make their way to the big screen.

GalleyCat's Self-Publishing Intelligence Report for Feb 2013

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies movie re-animated.

Talking ISBNs over at The Economist

Debut novelist Julianna Scott talks: What the Library means to me 

15 movie tie-in edition book covers that gave Flavorwire a sad. (that is NOT THE ORIGINAL Game of Thrones COVER!  This is the original (US) cover. ----------->

Just for fun: 

20 Questions with the space station

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