Click My Link: March 11, 2013

Good Monday morning, Everyone!  Here are the links for today.

The Guardian raises alarm over secondary school reading habits.

Welcome to the surveillance society of Google Glass (lots of talk about GG this weekend.)

DPLA, LibraryBox and SXSWI -- more libraries as innovators.

Stupendous 13th century illustrated manuscript from the Vatican library. (pretty cool!)

The Art of Browsing ("It's never the book you want, it's the book beside the book")

Presidents of the New York City's Libraries testify on proposed budget cuts.

Marvel puts 700 first issue comics online.

Batman's mythology getting a new boost from DC

Stephenie Meyer on Twilight, feminism and true love.

Rare footage of famous authors. (this is cool) 

10 pairs of great books with the same title.

Just for fun:

Game of Thrones: The King's Roadmap visual interactive guide. (spoilers ahead)


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