Click My Link: March 19, 2013

Happy Tuesday!

What makes Gone Girl SO popular? (Good question!)

Fan letters from famous authors to famous authors.

PW puts up actual ebook sales numbers

Once Upon a Time launching a novel. (Of course!)

Literature from Librarians. (I think my book will be great! I'm buying 3000 copies for the library!)

Dan Brown offers peek at Inferno.

"I WANT MY TRIAL BY JURY!" Penguin exclaimed.

Infographic: Find the perfect book to read this summer.

The Five silliest books inspired by Jane Austen. (Okay, I may agree on that last one...)

18 "great books" still not available digitally.

Honolulu and Chicago are already campaigning to host Obama's presidential library.

Just for Fun:

David Goyer set to direct a new version of The Count of Monte Cristo.

Penguin Style book covers re-imagined for Tarentino films. (giggle)

A town in England is looking to ban apostrophes from street signs.


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