Click My Link: March 26, 2013

Happy Tuesday! And now the news...

3 years in, the Nation's first "bookless library" is thriving.

The entire Rocky Mountain News photo archive headed to Denver Public Library.

The Guardian argues why ebooks are a different genre than print. (I don't agree with the overall premise, but it raises some interesting points. Thoughts?)

A brief history of book vending machines.

Penguin Pub sues Oregon nonprofit for posting whole books online. (This should be interesting.)

Copyright chief calls for complete overhaul of copyright law.

Gone Girl represents a much needed departure from Bridget Jones (SIGH)

A March Madness bracket with books chosen to represent each school.

According to a recent study, books have gotten less emotional. (Thank goodness we have studies.)

A few lists from Flavorwire:

10 best Millennial authors you probably haven't read (yet).

10 of the juiciest memoirs written by women.

10 books guaranteed to make you cry.

Just for fun:

Okay, I hate zombies. And I was riveted to this World War Z trailer.

In case you didn't feel old enough, 40 movies turning 20.

Ender's Game on IMAX? I may have no choice.



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