Click My Link! March 15, 2013

Happy Thursday and Friday!

From Booklist: How to define "women's fiction" and a list of the top 10 women's fiction books of 2013.

OverDrive announces Library Ebook Leaders

Tor's list of favorite Science Fiction and Fantasy in translation.

Future Bestseller alert: Timothy Geithner writing a "behind the scenes" story of the financial crisis

Literary Death Match: X Factor for books.

Are libraries "priceless"?  (Hint: Everything has a price.)

How many copies make a literary bestseller?

Librarians and Happenstance Voyagers: SXSW 2013, Day Four and Five wrap up.  

Bob Dylan accepts membership into American Academy of Arts and Letters.

Baen ebooks to be sold via Baker & Taylor

DC officially shelves Orson Scott Card's Superman project.

10 of the best "outsider" books for teenagers

Got Dust? And Other Ways to Weed Reference, via @olinj

10 books to read while waiting for Game of Thrones to return (a nice list.....assuming you haven't already read them.)

The Top 10 Indie bestsellers.

Just for Fun:

Superhero economics: Batman vs. Superman 

Divergent adds more cast members

Game of Thrones, 1995 style:


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