Click My Link! March 20, 2013

Wednesday is here again, people.

In depressing news, Jane Goodall's new book contains passages reproduced without attribution.

10 Classic Books that Should be Adapted (slide show). (Not sure I'm on board with The Silmarillion...)

Infographic: Many reasons why you need your librarian 

Google now allows searching for animated gifs

The SCOTUS opinion in Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & Sons is in. Read Prof. Kenny Crews' breakdown of the decision here. (you'll be glad you did!)

Is the guidebook dead? (Just like all other books have been dead a time or two?)

If you like stats the way I like stats, check out this compilation of the Best Books of 2012, brought to you by Neil Hollands at the Williamsburg Regional Library (Blogging For a Good Book). He's got breakdowns by genre and the post lists books with more than 15 list mentions (unsurprisingly, Gone Girl tops the list with 48 mentions--of 120 sources).

Stephenie Meyer hopes to lure Twilight fans to The Host

Three contenders to Hilary Mantel: The reigning queen of historical fiction.

Owen King says his debut novel is NOT about his famous dad.

Who owns the rights to Sherlock Holmes? #freesherlock

10 famous novelists who have "dabbled" in comics.

Danielle Steel steps into the picture book arena.

IU models eTextbook success.

Just for Fun:

Will Harrison Ford be back for the new Star Wars film?

Worst book cover ever?

SF Signal's Mind Meld issue: Reboots: the good, the bad and the unnecessary.

Hugh Jackman set to star in Harlan Coben's Six Years. (Harlan Coben, now with more Hugh Jackman!) 

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