Click My Link: March 1, 2013

Happy March, Collection Reflectors!  I hope this is the beginning of a great month for all of you.  Let's get it started with some links!

A new report says that Dutch libraries (under their laws) cannot lend ebooks.

James Patterson: the best seller who doesn't write his own books. 

Saving and translating Timbuktu's ancient libraries.

Testing children on Shakespeare can give them "demons".  Interesting tactic for test avoidance....

Toni Morrison talks literature, technology and cornfield sex with Google workers. (best headline!)

Books worm their way into network TV.

Need a taste of the SF/F/H books (and book covers) out in March?  Here ya go!

Just for fun:

Vintage The Empire Strikes Back documentary with "lost" footage.  (swoon!)  

Harry Potter  Daniel Radcliffe to play "Igor" in the new version of Frankenstein

The "Tunnels" series by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams set to be made into a film

And that's the news.  Have a great weekend!


The Book Maven said…
I'm still trying to work my way through the "100 essential sites for the voracious reader" link, and now you've got to go and put out so many more links! Ack! I've got catching up to do.

Thanks for the great info!

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