Click my Link! March 18, 2013

Happy Monday, people! 

Is Social Media an Effective Marketing Tool for Public Libraries?

How successful was Virago Books at changing the publishing world's attitudes toward women?

Don't worry, there will be plenty of books about the new Pope. To go with your conclave reading.

Is there a formula for an international bestseller? 

Random House gives away digital copies of The Da Vinci Code in advance of the May 14 release of Inferno.

Amazon introduces new literary imprint, Little A.

"My childhood ended when I was five"  The Guardian talks with Sue Grafton. 

"Teach all children bible verses and fairy tales" The Telegraph talks with Philip Pullman

Earlyword with the New Title Radar of the week

Mercedes Lackey announced as Author Guest of Honor at this year's GenCon. (In Indy!)

Just for Fun:

A Kindle makes an excellent bookmark.

Star Wars plus Schoolhouse Rock = make my day!


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