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Happy Monday!

Dieselpunk for beginners.  An endless 1940s timeloop.

Do YOU know a book lover? (I assume you all know at least one.)

20 obscure SF/F/H books recommended by the pros.  (I have to strongly disagree with the Gormenghast novels.)

The Washington Post talks copyright.  (the comments are worth reading too, although not all of them make sense.)

Copyright and Sound Recordings (I talked a little bit about this last fall. The Sound Recording/copyright intersection fascinates me.)

For major pubs, will print no longer be the norm?

PW Pics:  Books of the week for October 28, 2013

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I tweeted yesterday on twitter about my new favorite source for upcoming Science Fiction and Fantasy Books: Fantasy Book Critic. Do I wish the format was a little better?  Yes, it can be difficult to read at times. But, it is the most comprehensive list I have found. If you know of others, send them my way!

The ultimate guide to evil cats in SF/F.  Heh.

Better off dead: 10 posthumous novels that should never have been published.

The New Yorker would like you to read a new Haruki Murakami short story online.

American Mensa would like to share with you their Top 10 Banned Books list.

Flavorwire ranks 20 classic YA literature heroines.

Librarians and Distributors react to the Macmillan announcement. (for the record, I agree most with the last statement by ALA President, Barbara Stripling. "there is still a long way to go with publishers on ebooks.)

Happy Thursday!

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Felix Francis talks mysteries, and taking over his father's series.
Not available in libraries (to my knowledge) but something your patrons may still want to know about: Bryan Cranston narrates The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien, for audible. 
If you're looking for public domain audiobooks, LibriVox has recently been updated. Check out the spiffy new site here.
15 Famous Authors and their fashion label counterparts. Interesting. 
Intriguing story involving republishing interviews as ebooks, and who may (or may not) own copyright in the interview.

Kirkus provides "Best Books for Dogging the NSA"

Just for fun:
The Walking Dead Singalong?  I'm sure someone asked for it...

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