Click my link: October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!  Let's see what scary stories are in the news this fine Thursday.

HarperCollins will start offering e-book titles direct to readers.

9 children's books that scared the crap out of HuffPo. (I still love #9)

10 best horror movies of the last 10 years. (I've seen exactly 0 of these! yay!)

The 10 scariest television eps ever produced.

How much science should be in science fiction?  (an interesting question!)

18 literary pumpkins for a bookish Halloween (wow!)

Intricate pumpkins carved as iconic movie characters (more wow!)

Life sized dinosaurs made out of jack o lanterns?  Sure, I'll play.

The LJ report on placements and salaries is out. Yay. (it isn't good news.)

The oldest bookstore in the world is 281 years old. (VERY cool)

San Francisco library urinator (!) damages $3,000 worth of books. (gross!)


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