Click My Link: October 24, 2013

I tweeted yesterday on twitter about my new favorite source for upcoming Science Fiction and Fantasy Books: Fantasy Book Critic. Do I wish the format was a little better?  Yes, it can be difficult to read at times. But, it is the most comprehensive list I have found. If you know of others, send them my way!

The ultimate guide to evil cats in SF/F.  Heh.

Better off dead: 10 posthumous novels that should never have been published.

The New Yorker would like you to read a new Haruki Murakami short story online.

American Mensa would like to share with you their Top 10 Banned Books list.

Flavorwire ranks 20 classic YA literature heroines.

Librarians and Distributors react to the Macmillan announcement. (for the record, I agree most with the last statement by ALA President, Barbara Stripling. "there is still a long way to go with publishers on ebooks.)

Happy Thursday!


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