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I can make you love me

I've been thinking about the end of my Library Journal post and reaching out to people in a variety of places. Everything about the library is shifting right now, of course, but outreach isn't a new idea. Marketing isn't a new idea either. I can't speak for every library (or librarian), but a lot of us tend to neglect the people who aren't right in front of us.

It's easy enough to do. We get caught up in the day-to-day activities that ARE in front of us, and we tend to forget about everything else. I know, as a person who orders materials for the library, that we have some pretty incredible things. I know, as a shopper, that people are often looking for some way to narrow down a world of too many choices. I see it in grocery stores, when people stand and contemplate an item they've never purchased before, and then they put it back and say "I have no idea what to do with that." It's the same thing with clothing stores. It's the same thing w…

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