Click My Link: May 1, 2014

Saturday, May 3, is Free Comic Book Day. Here is a guide to what's available, and who might like it.

NEW stories coming from Octavia Butler!

If you're wondering "What's up with Facebook?", Mark Zuckerberg would like to get up up to speed.

The Telegraph weighs in on the Best romantic novels of all time.

Erotica is NOT a new phenomenon. (The need to say this continues.)

How well do you know your May Day literature?

F. Scott Fitzgerald stories published, uncensored, for the first time.

Haven't you always wanted your own personal librarian?  (This is VERY COOL!)

SFSignal does a great retrospective of Joe R. Lansdale. 

Lev Grossman's The Magicians coming to a small screen near you!

Kirkus lays out the best SF/F reads for May.

Have a great Thursday!


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