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Click My Link! June 21, 2012 Edition

Ebook articles abound!

From the Digital Shift: All Hat, No Cattle: A Call for Libraries to Transform Before It's Too Late. Jamie LaRue outlines four streams of e-content that libraries need to address: mainstream commercial publishing, independent and midlist publishing, local history, and self-publishing. And as for stealing profit from the front list, "we don’t steal sales; we generate them."
Ebooks now outsell hardcover print books.

A few articles about Penguin's deal with two New York library systems to offer ebooks on a limited basis:

Libraries Cut Ebook Deal with Penguin

Penguin to Pilot Library E-Book Lending Program in New York, Windowing Front-List Titles

In other news: 

Why Amazon's Rumored Retail Bookstore Will Be Huge

From the Atlantic, The Incredible Resilience of Books. Although I'm not sure who's going around suggesting that the written word is going to become obsolete?

Reading Rainbow is back! As an app!?

There are already more than 1,000 commen…