Click My Link: June 5, 2014

With a busy couple of weeks behind me, and a busy couple of days ahead of me, let's have some links!

New species of Croc named after a Tolkien beastie.

Ebooks to outsell print by 2018?  Let's just wait and see, shall we?

How would YOU rank the Stephen King books?

Archie comics introduces the first character with a disability.

Kirkus talks the best speculative fiction reads for June.

Some big names in publishing celebrate the life and works of Octavia Butler (video)

Penguin releases previously unpublished Dorothy Parker stories

SF/F authors share their first SF/F reads with USA Today

9 ways book tech changes the future of books and how we read 

Dispatches from IDPF Digital Book conference re: Public Libraries

Oprah will narrate her next audiobook, based on the "What I know for sure" column from O magazine

Just for fun:

Game of Thrones: By the numbers


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