Click My Link -- November 14, 2012

Simpler: the future of government  I don't think this book is a fairy tale....

When I told everyone that T.S. Eliot's wife died on Monday, the confused looks were priceless.  It was his second wife, and there was a 40 year difference in their ages.

Hear the 2012 National Book Award nominees.

I'm disappointed this wasn't called "Wanna be Starting Something", but this MJ bio looks like it will garner huge interest.

Rum is actually one of my favorite words.  Thanks, Dennis Lehane!

Nobody puts Pippa in the bargain bin!  

Retirement?  Not hardly!  Herman Wouk pubs new book at age 97.

From Page to Screen: Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk

EW has the first look at Cassandra Clare's "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones"  (wheee!)

The Babysitter's Club is coming to ebook......but probably not to your library's ebook collection.

Mother Jones interviews Philip Pullman 

The ABC's of Game of Thrones deaths.  (how much do I love this?!)

Terry Brooks talks about why Fantasy matters.

20 Essential books about the next step in human evolution.  I absolutely LOVE this cover.

Just for fun:

The R2-D2 engagement ring.

Engage!  The top 10 Captain Picard moments.

Infographic: How asteroids can save mankind.  

Happy Wednesday!


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