Click my Link: November 19, 2012

Cold Days will be released next week.  But YOU can have a Jim Butcher interview right now (aren't you lucky!)

The All-TIME 100 Video Games. Do I really trust Time Magazine on something this important?

I love infographics!  Check out the best-selling SF books of all time.

November 20th is the Africa in Science Fiction Symposium in London.

Penguin expands library ebook lending with B&T.

Yes, library patrons really DO buy ebooks: 3.2/month.

E-reading isn't reading! And the wonderful response.

How readers discovered a debut novel: A case study.

File this under: Of COURSE they are.  "Ebooks are tracking your reading habits."

And, in case you missed it, the "All About Romance Audio" chat from Tantor Audiobooks.  I'm talker #2. 

And just because it made me laugh:

The top 10 evil monkeys in Geekdom

Happy Monday.


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