Best Covers of the Year: Part 1

After a year's worth of cover goodness (and badness), these are the ones that seem just as beautiful now as they did when I first saw them. When I looked back on the covers from this year, a lot that I had marked as wonderful had really lost a step or two when taking a second look. Maybe that is because taste can change over the course of a year, or maybe they shine less bright when compared to an entire year's worth of competition.

As usual, these are only the things that caught MY eye this year, and I would love to hear your opinions on these, or any other covers that caught YOUR eye in 2012.

When I saw this one, I could not stop staring at it. It is one of the most realistic post-apocalyptic scenes I've seen on a cover, and it works. If you look at it too long, it starts to look like the clouds are moving...that's your cue to go to the next book.

I normally ignore reprints, because we often already have the book. That saves some time in my life. But, this one is simply outstanding. (And, as it turned out, we did not have any copies of this anymore.)

There is something crisp and clean and fresh about this cover, wouldn't you say? Oh sure, I get a chill when I think about her arms and neckline, but it looks so pristine. This turned out to be my favorite "winter scene" cover of 2012. Now if only she were wearing a coat...

This is one great example where the title and the cover art are perfectly in sync. Plus, everything about it says deathly creepy beauty. The fallen leaves, the colors, and, even though she's in a bright primary color, she almost looks ghostly. I look at this cover and get creeped out, which, I suspect, is exactly the point.

There isn't much I can say about this. I'm partial to fantasy art, as most of you probably know. This is outstanding.

This is my pick for creepiest GOOD cover of the year. Just looking at that makes me want to swat at something.

My hot man cover of the year. There are lots of hot men covers, and Jaci Burton's covers are usually a shoe in for this category, but Taking a Shot was edged out of this award by font. Yes, font. And, sure, it helps that he's a firefighter. And a hot man. But when it came down to the two covers, font pushed this one over the edge.

I'm much more of a fantasy fan than a SF fan, as far as books go, but this one made me curious enough to go back and put book 1 on hold.

Dawn/Fire seem to be heavily cover thematic in 2012. But, once again, it is done really well in this cover. The bloody arrow and the overall medieval feel will make people wonder if they're getting fantasy Robin Hood or historical Robin Hood.

Steampunk plus vampires? Color is used, and not used, brilliantly on this cover. The font is pitch perfect. The pose, the look, the background.....everything is just done so well. It looks good up close and from afar, on and off the computer screen. Well done.

I spent way too much time trying to figure out what was going on here. The covers are darkly wonderful, even though I have no idea what is going on with those wisps. Is she losing body heat?

More to come!


Yes, the cover of "Incarnation" is beautiful. Too bad the book inside isn't as stellar.
Robin Bradford said…
well....I wonder how many are like that. :-) Both the inside, and the outside, are 99% personal preference!

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