Click My Link: December 11, 2012

In "we can hate everyone" news, Salon says to "Stop giving war-veteran novelists a free pass".

I heard about Acoustik at ALA. I guess I thought it was already a reality.

Recorded Books Hopes to Change e-book conversation with new sales and management platform. (Yeah, ok)

TC defends his ability to be Jack Reacher. (It's NOT ABOUT THE HEIGHT, TOM!)

10 Eye-Catching reads for the book lover on your list.

Mini Harry Potter film being secretly filmed (to be watched through a view master?)

The EU identifies six ways to modernize copyright.

Just for fun:

All the Firefly moments on Castle. Writing genius? I think so.

The Man of Steel full length trailer? Absolutely.

Over at her blog, Anna reviews romance novel titles from the past year. With charts!

Happy Tuesday!


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