Click My Link: December 4, 2012

Vice President Cheney working on book about heart treatment (now if that doesn't get the blood pumping....)

A digital discussion -- which brings up a host of issues about libraries, digital divides and poverty. A good read.

A Casual Vacancy will be a mini-series.

A brilliant article about Small Demons.

Goodreads Readers (via EW) pick their best books of the year.

Three authors talk about growing up with Judy Blume books.

AAP sales mixed for August.

Carry on, Tuesday.  Carry On.


I just got A Casual Vacancy from IMCPL as an audiobook—unabridged. It is FIFTEEN discs! Holy moly.
Robin Bradford said…
Hey, you might finish it by the time the mini-series starts in 2014! :)

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