Click My Link: December 6, 2012

Happy Thursday!

An interesting article about sexism in historical fantasy.

Bedbugs in Libraries. (I wish I hadn't clicked that...)

Kirkus talks best bets in SF/F for December.

10 Ways to Kill Your Bookclub. (I particularly like #1.)

Heads up on the new Oprah book -- if you ordered it already, the ISBNs have changed...

Can a "Spotify for books" work?

Is Lonely Planet about to be set adrift? (forgive me!)

Alan Moore's Neonomicon too graphic (ha!) for SC library. (I can't believe this made the UK news!)

Cuban publishers eager to embrace E-books, Open US Market.

In advance of Pearl Harbor Day... 

NYT Bestseller lists changes   (new for pm)

Lion Hudson launches Christian Fiction imprint. (new for pm)

It's not a crime: Reading and Analyzing Translated Thrillers.  (new for pm)

Just for fun:

7 SF remakes with vastly improved special effects


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