Click My Link: December 19, 2012

Good Morning, Collection Reflectors! Have some news.

Five Famous Authors Who Became Infamous.

Ebooks can Unify the Backlist for Prominent Authors.

3M and Polaris announce industry's first fully integrated ebook library catalog

Audioboo goes for a redesign. But, they kept the name.

On the subject of strong women in SF/F.

Game of Thrones gets its own official beer.

Literature provides today's Mayan Apocalypse survival tips.

James Patterson will be on Rock Center with Brian Williams. (link provides preview)

EarlyWord rounds up the Best Cookbooks of 2012.

Have you been to the Bookateria?

Settled: Penguin & the DOJ.

NPR rounds up 2012's Best Mysteries.

Erotic fiction for teens?

Hey, I wonder what books Bill Gates loved in 2012...

Just for fun:

One thing not going on a diet for the new year? Game of Thrones episodes. 

When Star Trek: Into Darkness met Toy Story

Happy Wednesday!


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