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Morning, lovelies! Have some links:

The Wrong War over Ebooks.

Buy a Nook, and B&N will donate a book to First Book.

Where the streets have no name no longer! Intersection near LA library named for Ray Bradbury.

Seriously, you think people have never heard of these books?

So who IS this Ayana Mathis anyway? The NYT tells you.

Is the Media obsessed with e-books?

Tea Party condemns children's book on . . . okay, I stopped listening.

Game Change authors will pen book about 2012 election. (GC2: the change remained the same!)

National Federation of the Blind to Take Protest to Amazon, Denouncing School Kindle Use as Discriminatory to Blind Students.

 Either “New Adult” fiction is trending on Goodreads, or more people are tagging things with “New Adult.” Or maybe both.

 Preview the comic book selections for Free Comic Book Day 2013.

 Tips on how to speed read for Reader's Advisory.

 How to make your own infographics (via Linda Braun).

Just for fun:

The 10 most unlikely things that were influenced by J.R.R. Tolkien.

50+ Opening Voice-overs from SF movies.

Moby-Dick-inspired beer.

A Fantasy Fiction Advent Calendar.


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