Click My Link: April 29, 2013

Good morning and Happy Monday!

Recommended reading for new (and not so new) librarians.

What we can learn from PEW's changing world of librarians.

Judging Gatsby by its cover(s).

The digital truths traditional publishers don't want to hear.

Fascinating blog of books available in the Guantanamo Bay library.

LJ's Periodical Price Survey 2013.

Isabelle Allende on her new book, grandchildren, and loss.

25 vintage photographs of librarians....being awesome.

20 amazing outdoor libraries. (Outdoor....I think I just got hives!)

Internet archive strives to keep web history alive.

Just for Fun:

Stephen King's 11/22/63 on track to become a tv series.

LA Confidential getting a TV series sequel.


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