Click my Link! April 3, 2013

Happy whatever-day-this-is!

Robert Darnton on the launch of the Digital Public Library of America.

10 things to know about Kickstarting a book.

Author Iain Banks diagnosed with late stage gall bladder cancer

The sexiest job of the 21st Century?  Data Scientist!

Looking for some Indie SF/F books?  Here are some top pics from The Guardian.

A petition to change Amazon's ebook exchange policy. 

Just for Fun:

The Times Haiku project turns copy into poetry.

Game of Scones and other edible books.

Epic Game of Thrones .gif guide. Spoiler filled so watcher beware! 

Awwww! Video games meet Little Golden Books.

Infographic: How to prepare your zombie apocalypse first aid kit.


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