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Happy Wednesday & Thursday!!

According to author Meg Wolitzer, men won't read books about women.

Some SF and Horror books to read (or re-read) before they come out as movies.

I'm loving Kristi's take on Amazon, Goodreads and Library Thing.

2012 stats from American Publisher's Association.

OUP on the professionalization of library theft.

President Obama's budget ups the funding for LSTA.

Mary Higgins Clark: Active as ever at age 85. (Awesome!)

2013 Independent foreign fiction shortlist announced.

Google sells Frommer's back to Frommer, but is keeping the social media accounts. (Take the content, we want the connections.)

All a big misunderstanding! Apple not to blame for gay sex image ban.

Do writers really retire? (I hear that yes, they do!)

Infographic: Americans still love libraries.

Fascinating argument being played out. Starts with Turow, who is debunked by Masnick, and finishes with Eisler. All three are worth a read. Also: ALA President Maureen Sullivan adds her two cents.


21 books written by women that every man should read. (Do women need to read these too, or are we exempt?)

25 books every kid should have on their bookshelf (let the debate begin!)

10 books to read while you're waiting for the newest film adaptation of The Great Gatsby.

33 fan-designed covers for famous novels.

Just for Fun:

The Passive-Aggressive Raven.


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