Click My Link: April 22, 2013

Happy Monday!

Marketing Libraries is like marketing mayonnaise. (I love it!)

Ebook reader and buyer habits are changing.

So what's next for ebooks and libraries?

What would happen if Amazon gave away every book for free?  (I'd have a lot of books!)

Sacramento library adds 3-D copies to its bag of tricks.

What is being described as "the Porsche of e-readers"?

Selecting materials for a Latino user collection (via Letters to a Young Librarian).

A school librarian describes building a graphic novel collection.


Making its way around the web: 30 things to tell a book snob.

10 great kids' books that have never been made into movies.

The Eisner nominees are...

The 2013 Los Angeles Times book prize winners are...

Play (dead) ball! A list of baseball mysteries.

Just for Fun:

The Evolution of Lois Lane.

French literacy campaign ads make you look twice.


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