Click My Link: January 3rd, 2011

The Star-Tribune talks e-reading and book apps

The Evolution of E-books and Interlibrary Loan in Academic Libraries

2011: The Year the eBook wars broke out

May I introduce you to the Ambassador for Young People's Literature.....

Weeding is Where It's At: Deacquisitioning in a Small, Academic Library

The Final Lists: The best of the Best Books of 2011 (login required)

Toward an E-library ecosystem: Public libraries will screw themselves if they don't learn from Amazon's comprehensive 'seamless" approach.

It's (kinda) Steve's fault, actually.

Speaking of Steve, do you know where his biography is a hit? On the torrent search. Where is it not allowed?  On your public library e-bookshelves. That makes sense, right?

Happy New Year.


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