Click My Link: May 10, 2013

More Potter! Universal announces of the expansion of the Harry Potter theme park.

How do YOU like your classic lit: in a ball gown or lingerie?

Women love erotica: they always have and they always will. (Women are a monolith now?)

Polish spy, said to be inspiration for Bond girls, to be commemorated.

Sourcebooks and Overdrive present: The Big Library Read.

Ergonomics 101: for writers. (A lot of this applies to librarians, some of whom also sit a lot.)

10 disappointing film adaptations of classic American novels.

10 "essential" neo-noir authors.

Famous books you didn't know were censored.

Just for Fun:

Could you talk to a caveman?  (I do. So often...)

The best SF/F moms.

William Shakespeare's Star Wars staged in Philly. (!!!)

I would read each one of these fictional mama's biographies.


"Famous books you didn't know were censored" links to the neo-noir list, FYI.

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