Click My Link: August 19, 2014

Good morning! Yes, it has been awhile, but I think the ship is steady again. Time to get back to blogging on the (semi) regular.

New from Pew! Public Library Engagement in the US.

The 2014 Hugo winners!

The poet known as the "Lioness of Iran" dies. 

What do Amazon editors think will be the big fall books? 

So you want to be a book cover artist.... (even if you don't, still very interesting!)

Time judges its editors on how beneficial they are to advertisers. Not surprising, really.

Let's hear it for Chicago! (my kinda town?) 

The Chesley award winners (best SF/F art)

At 91, Stan Lee is unstoppable!

Are you watching "The Knick"?  Have a little history with your Clive Owen. 

Why diversity in YA fantasy matters.

25 authors who wrote great books before age 25. 

A reddit AMA featuring: Brent Weeks.

Just for fun:

Steampunk playing cards! 

Infographic: Global second languages. 

Have a great Tuesday!


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