Click My Link: September 2, 2014

Good morning and Happy September!  If you're like me, you'll use this as a little reminder to flip your paper calendars.

Samsung is for real (right now) about books. First, announcing it was going into the reading device business with B&N and now, sponsoring the Frankfurt book fair.

R.L. Stein to re-boot Fear Street.

How dark is "too dark" in children's books?

Who doesn't love this year's "Geek of the year"? 

10 of the worst jobs in literature

Florida Polytechnic University opens a "bookless" library. (with ebooks. which are still books....)

The Tim Howard book is coming. (hooray!)

Somehow, I missed that Bruce Springsteen wrote a children's book.

Just for fun:

Firefly funko toys!

How NYC would respond to an actual Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man attack.

You know how much I love the good people at Thug Notes, right?  Here is their take on something more recent: The Hunger Games.

Have a good Tuesday!


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