NEW at my library: June 10th, 2011

Is this going to be a weekly thing? Got me. Like everything else, we'll do it until people lose interest. But there were seriously cool things on the new book shelves this week, two that I want to purchase for myself.

Legendary Rock Songs - Nathan Brackett

Not only is this book cool, it is highly addictive. If you're even remotely interested in the "why" behind some of the most popular songs to hit our airwaves, you have to take a look at this book. You may not want to own it for yourselves (hello, library....) but I intend to buy it. It starts off, appropriately, with Bill Haley & the Comets and goes forward from there. I, for instance, had no idea that MJ's Billie Jean was about a stalker who had scaled the walls of his home and was found lounging by the pool in a bikini and claimed he was the father of one of her twins. (who the hell was the father of the OTHER twin?) And I loved this quote from Sting:

"Every Breath You Take is an archetypical song. if you have a major chord followed by a relative minor you're not original."

Many of my other favorite songs are talked about in the book as well. Seriously, this is a MUST SEE if you have an interest in pop/rock music at all.

Stuff Black People Don't Like (365 days in Black Run America) - Paul Kersey

One of the things black people probably wouldn't like is this book. I need to live in this guy's America! Apparently, I'm in charge of stuff. It's based on a website that I'm not linking to (I DO control stuff!) Yes, apparently we do buy the crackpots, and that's cool. The book looks like a text book and is missing whatever "flair" you might find on the website. If you're interested in a collection of the posts, it's for you. If you're a sane person, not for you.

The American Style - Donald Albrecht & Thomas Mellins

Architecture + interior decorating book of.....The American Style! (I can't get anything past you guys.) The description says it is "richly illustrated" and I don't know that I agree with that. It did have beautiful illustrations, but not as many as I was expecting.

Secret of the Sommeliers - Rajat Parr & Jordan Mackay

This is another gorgeous book that I need to add to my hold list. I know next to nothing about wine. I mean, I'm sure there is someone out there who knows less than I do, right? I'm not sure you're going to learn much just by reading this book (I've been told it also requires experimentation.....) but it is always fun to listen to (and read about) experts talking about something they love and how they do what they do.

First Real Kitchen Cookbook - Jill & Megan Carle

You know, I see a lot of these "new" or "first" cook cookbooks, and they are mostly all the same. Each one promises tips and tricks, but most of those are all the same as well. This is another area where the library is REALLY handy. You can check out a stack of these (or a stack on any cooking sub-genre that you choose) and decide which one suits you best. This one is glossy and pretty, has tips and tricks, and recipes that are "accessible" but nothing really jumped out at me to set this book apart. It was beautifully bland.

Def Leppard: the Definitive Visual History - Ross Halfin

Are you KIDDING me?! Those were my exact words when I saw this on the shelf. I was a HUGE Def Leppard fan in my youth Teenage years Yesterday past and so I thought this would be amazing. Apparently, there are fans bigger than me. I enjoyed looking at it, but when I put it back on the shelf that was that. No desire to have it for my very own. It's a great chronicle of a band, great insider info, great pics, definitely something I'm glad my library has in its collection. I think people who see it on the shelf, who have an interest in the band, will take it out. I, personally, am disappointed I didn't love it more.

Eat Like a Man: the only cookbook a man will ever need - Ryan D'Agostino

I don't have to tell you that this cookbook is NOT for the vegetarian, right? That said, I LOVE this book and just ordered my very own copy. Now, since I'm not a man, this is obviously not the only cookbook I need. And, quite frankly, I think even dudes will get bored with meat meat meat, breakfast lunch and dinner, right? But it is a mix of cooking, quipping, magazine factoids and just overall, all around fun. I didn't want to give it back, which is a sure sign I need to have it for my very own.


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