NEW at my library: June 3rd, 2011

Who doesn't love looking at the new book shelf? Yes, we post new things on our webpage, and those are randomly generated and fun. But, I also can't help trolling our shelves of yet to be processed books, music and dvds to see what my colleagues have ordered. It is all so wonderfully random! Some people may still look for new books by broswing the shelves at their local library and/or bookstore, and some have taken to browsing Amazon and other websites for new and interesting things. Some people may not even know what they're looking for until they see it. Once they find something interesting, even at a bookstore, that doesn't mean they want to spend their recession dollars just to satisfy their curiosity. We hear a lot of people say they have two browser windows open, one with Amazon and one with our catalog. Patrons may learn about new items in a variety of ways, but the place where they can (risk free) try new books, movies and music remains the same.

Since I post new fiction covers on twitter with great regularity, how about some non-fiction this morning. Here are the new things that caught my eye yesterday....

Eating Well: Fast and Flavorful Meatless Meals -- I'm a carnivore, definitely, but there is nothing wrong with going meatless sometimes! This is a book with recipes that look reasonable (ie. with ingredients that seem easy enough to find) and the pictures are pretty. Some of the things, I admit, seemed like they'd be better with chicken! But, if someone wants to make that gorgeous dish on the cover and send it to me, I won't complain.

Tank Spotter's Guide So, this is one that made me giggle when I saw it. But, hey, maybe there is someone in the world looking for the Matilda Infantry tank! But guess what? Two people already have a request on it, so shows you what *I* know.

"Leaving a cell phone on the table can be interpreted as a subtle signal that the owner hopes someone smarter, faster, cuter or more interesting might call." The Etiquette Book. Etiquette moves into the 21st century. Although, I think that "subtle" signal is not so subtle....

Good Enough is the new perfect
: finding happiness and success in modern motherhood. I don't know about modern motherhood but......I kinda like this for the rest of us too!

Tropical Home -- Inspirational Design Ideas The pictures in this book are so gorgeous, you may not ever want to return it! Just looking through it, I could imagine using some of the style in a (not so) tropical home as well. It's okay to dream a little. The magic of books! (too bad they didn't pick a better cover image!)

High Strung: Bjorn Borg, John McEnroe, and the untold story of Tennis's Fiercest Rivalry. I'm surprised this one hasn't gotten more press, actually. The cover made me laugh, though.

Bring the Noise: 20 years writing about hip rock and hip hop. Hip Rock? This is the first time I've ever heard that term. We don't use that here in flyover country. This is a reprint, and I'm not sure how much (if anything) has changed from the 2007 version.

The Annotated Sense and Sensibility
. You know, it's a cute little book. I was hoping for something more grand and elaborate, glossy photos and just....beautiful. A huge coffee table book. This one is probably much more useful, though, just not as pretty. Although, I do adore the cover.

Lastly, Fallout Shelter: Designing for civil defense in the Cold War. Another book that made me say "what the hell?" Yes, out loud. Yet, again, two people (sight unseen) have placed a hold on it. Is that just curiosity? Is it being advertised in certain circles? Does it matter? Either way, it seems the library is reaching people who may have thought it had nothing to offer them. #winning. (that cover is most certainly NOT winning!)

Happy Friday!


Eeep!! I didn't know there was an annotated Sense and Sensibility! I'm going to need to buy that for myself ASAP, to go with my annotated Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion.
robin said…
Yay! My work here is done.
FuzzyLogic said…
Such cool things! I do so envy Publich Librarians what they can order! Even in nonfiction!

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