Click my link -- December 30, 2011

Fascinating list comparing the top sellers in ebook and in print from Amazon. This raises all sorts of interesting questions for libraries and reinforces what I said at the LJ ebook summit in October: your digital collection doesn't have to be a mirror of the print collection.

Great discussion about copyright. Very accessible discussion, and Patry's response to the comments are equally good.

From the Telegraph: Charles Dicken: Good on paper, great on screen

Just one of a multitude of preview 2012 lists.

NPR's bestseller list for week of December 29, 2011.

USA Today says George R.R. Martin is THE author of the year. (+1 for the obligatory Sean Bean pic)

"Swords and Sandal" novel. Enough, already, with the cute names for genre fiction. 

The Annooyed Librarian (no, not me!) comes across with some 2012 predictions. Agree? Disagree? The comments are good too.

Amazon's lending library currently has more than 66k ebooks. Still, the idea of only getting one book a month seems ludicrous.

Happy Friday!


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