Click My Link: December 8, 2011

Ebooks On Fire: Controversies Surrounding Ebooks and Libraries:

"Ubiquitous web and print ads tell individuals and libraries to “buy” ebooks. But long-term preservation and retention rights to stable content are not the norm, because many resellers and vendors don’t possess those rights from the publisher or author. Instead of true ownership, most ebook “purchases” are more like leases, and leases with few residual rights at that."

Over at Letters to a Young Librarian, a discussion of popular reading materials in the academic collection.

A Q&A with Holly Hibner (of Awful Library Books fame) about weeding and managing library collections.

You Can Judge a Book By Its Cover: How Designers are Helping to Keep the Old Format Alive

Amazon just created a $6 million fund to support Kindle Direct Publishing.

ETA: Investigating ebook publishers for price-fixing: US edition!


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