Click My Link! July 24, 2012

Leah White talks about building an adult graphic novel collection.

Librarians anticipate the next great reads

iDreamBooks Applies Rotten Tomatoes Model to Book Reviews

A loooong New Republic article on the Bookless Library.

English Teacher: "I was wrong about 'Hunger Games'." This sounds way more like a tabloid article than it ought to, but the basic point is that The Art of Fielding is no more "literary" than the Collins trilogy.

From the GuardianCrime Fiction: Evidence Points to a Clash in Genres: Some big names in detective fiction argue that their novels are closer to the fantastical genres--science fiction, fantasy and horror--than many had suspected.

The bestselling Sci-Fi books of all time. Not sure how Lord of the Rings ends up on this list.

Just For Fun:

From PWxyz, Ugly Covers for Great Books.

Don't you want to see what people are reading on the New York subway?


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