In My Ear: Big Finish

So, Anna tells me that someone came to the blog looking for audiobook publishers who were similar to GraphicAudio in style. I talked about my love for GraphicAudio in May 2011, and it is still one of our most popular posts. I hope that translated into lots of new customers, because I really do love their stuff (and I want them to stay in business!)

But, here is another good place to find similar audiobooks: Big Finish. Big Finish is a British production company that makes audio productions similar to what you will find at GraphicAudio: multiple cast members, great sound effects, and high enjoyment. They specialize in SF/F based on tv shows, so expect to find Dr. Who, Stargate, Highlander, along with Big Finish Classics, drama, comedy and many other series.

I bought Stargate for the library, just to see how they would do, and they've done pretty well. Because those are one disc, and are packaged in DVD type cases, they often were missed by the patrons looking for books on CD. Also, for some strange reason, we have them classified in the radio plays Dewey number instead of regular FIC or SF. That is something we're going to change, as they will get more visibility in the genre areas. But, despite that, they've done fairly well in the library. I credit a lot of that to patrons who, having discovered GraphicAudio, branched out to something different. 

So, if you're interested in GraphicAudio productions, Science Fiction and/or Fantasy, or just want to try a different kind of audiobook, give Big Finish a listen.


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