Click My Link! June 10, 2013

Happy Monday!

A look at collection development over in the UK:

"The main weeding criteria for well-conditioned stock is usage. Any fiction or non-fiction book that has not been borrowed in a year is either transferred to a different library or deleted. We automatically delete children’s non-fiction over ten years old although non-fiction relating to subjects like geography, computing and science are often weeded earlier (similarly for adult non-fiction in these subject areas)."

From The Atlantic, Every Library and Museum in the US, Mapped. Pretty damn cool.

From NPR, Five Books to Look Forward to This Summer.

Neil Gaiman remembers Iain Banks.

From the LA TimesBeyond Game of Thrones: Exploring Diversity in Speculative Fiction.

According to Bowker, self-published ebooks represent 12% of ebook sales.

Winners from the Lambda Literary Awards.

Why do we read novelizations?

Evidence mounting that Pablo Neruda was murdered (in 1973).

30 of the most beautiful Sci-Fi book covers ever made.

Just for Fun:

The best worst one-star book reviews.

Your summer "Do Not Read" list from Jimmy Fallon:


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