Click My Link: April 16, 2014

How Salman Rushdie survived the Satanic Verses fatwa.

The 15 best North American novels of all time! (according to The Telegraph)

ALA says that publishers and librarians are now playing nice(r)

Veronica Roth talks Divergent from the LA Times Festival of Books

The LA Times Book Prizes

People of color DO survive the Apocalypse. (but do we want to?)

How to make someone hate reading.

Book to tv adaptations: how much time spent per page.

The real Alex from Orange is the new black speaks to Vanity Fair.

Literature's most famous meals

Who shot JR killed Joffrey?

Just for fun

What Dewey Decimal number are you?

The States most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse.

Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan play The Newlywed Game (and we all win!)


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