Click My Link: April 23, 2014

E-book Publisher Power Rankings -- Very interesting.

USA Today interviews Amanda Quick.

In honor of Shakespeare's 450 Birthday, a host of posts about The Bard today. 
10 Things you didn't know about Henry IV
Cakespeare, in pictures.  (these are fantastic!)
Shakespeare's five best insults
The Shakespeare quiz: Do you know your Bottom from your Elbow?      
If you don't do well on the quiz, you can get The Bluffer's Guide to Shakespeare to get sorted.
50 "everyday" phrases that came from The Bard.
How The Telegraph marked Shakespeare's birthday 50 years ago.
Shakespeare a 'cultural icon' abroad
Is this REALLY Shakespeare's annotated dictionary from 1850?
10 things you didn't know about Shakespeare.

James Patterson on how to write an "unputdownable" story.

Literary fiction is just clever marketing.

Brits and the book list extravaganza!

10 SF/F stories that editors are tired of seeing. (I'm debating the fairy tale one.)

Finally, have you seen the trailer for Gone Girl?  I'm still coming to grips with the idea of a Flynn penned different ending.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the list; but, the Henry IV link is about Amanda Quick? I'm dying to know what I don't know about him!
Robin Bradford said…
Ack! Sorry about that. And, now I can't remember where I saw that link.

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