Checking In

Following my own advice from yesterday's post on collection maintenance, I checked in and organized all the young adult graphic novels (with the blessing of the YA librarian). Leaving aside the manga for another day, I estimate that we have over 400 YA graphic novels (on the shelf). Upon checking them in, I found:

  • 19 items marked "missing"
  • 3 items marked "lost"
  • 4 items with holds
  • 2 items with notes/cataloging problems
  • 2 graphic novels from the adult collection
  • 1 YA paperback
  • 1 item marked "display"

  • I also pulled out several items to potentially move to another part of the library (e.g., a Garfield collection that could go live with the other Garfield collections). The process took less than three hours, for which I was also on desk.

    Right after I finish these tasks, I always have a strong urge to hover protectively near the section and put things away as soon as people use them, but I also know (in my rational moments) that a messy collection is one that is being well-used.

    ETA: I also did quite a bit of repair, as this is a very popular collection, so that three hours includes a lot of taping up of spines and a few patron interactions, one of which was a guy requesting 15 audiobooks.


    Anne said…
    Doesn't it feel terrific to have cleaned up all those items with an erroneous status?

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