Click My Link! February 11, 2013

Happy Monday!

Although seniors may find reading easier on an electronic device, they are also among the least likely to want to read on an electronic device...

Macmillan has settled with the DOJ re: price-fixing, leaving Apple the last fruit standing.

The Grinch will be back as a 3D animated feature.

First look photos from The Winter's Tale (from the Mark Helprin novel) 

For Many Students, Print is Still King.
"Think of this as the era of "print-plus," when the most popular textbook option remains a book—often printed and bound, sometimes digital—plus whatever extras and enhancements professors and students are willing to pay for." (With a discussion of my beloved Norton anthologies, which [unlike my college days] now have bonus electronic material.)

From Heroes and Heartbreakers: Urban Fantasy 101. A good list of fundamental titles.

Are these the 50 most influential books by women?
Former Secretary of State Clinton to write new memoir. 

The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick headed to small screen, courtesy of Syfy.

Should it be OK to sue librarians for saying your books are bad? (Recap from Jessamyn West.)

Agatha Award nominees.

There's a new book discovery sheriff in town, have you tried it yet? (I did, with mixed results. Don't retire all the librarians just yet.)

The end of Saturday mail delivery may mean trouble for newspaper and magazine publishers, but at the same time, digital magazine sales doubled in the second half of 2012.

Just for Fun:

The changing face of Superman.

Harlem Shake in the library (is this what that "library noise" article was all about?!)


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