Click My Link: February 21, 2013

Thursdays are the worst days. Discuss.

Amazon and the "Big Six" sued over DRM.

Even Mark Twain has a shirtless picture on the internet.

Why libraries should be the next great start up incubators.

Havana Book Fair Feeds Cuba's Hunger for Literature.

Your next Kindle could be in your car. (I love the idea of car connectivity for Audible or AMZ cloud player...or Spotify!) but a Kindle in the car? Accident bait?

The Shocking Truth: Book Buyers Minds of Their Own. (As someone who buys a lot of books, personally and professionally, I can say this is very true!)

39th annual Saturn Award nominations announced!

Libraries, readers, and the future of publishing.

Four things Jane Austen actually teaches us about love.

2012 Nebula Award Nominees. (Awarded in 2013. This is confusing...)

Just for Fun:

How about a vampire timeline?  That's fun, right?

Edits of the 2013 Inaugural address. (I would have thought BHO would use a red pen!)

Infographic: 15 things you didn't know about The Walking Dead.


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