Click My Link! February 15, 2013

We gave ourselves the day off for Valentine's Day. Happy Friday!

Another Publisher has a Serious Problem with a Librarian's Blog Post.

Eric Carle will release a new picture book this fall.

Rita Meade (@screwydecimalfound some gems while she was weeding the nonfiction collection. What will end up being the iconic images of this decade?

From the Telegraph, more talk about sex in YA fiction, aka "New Adult."

Sarah Jones (@lieberian) talks about ordering Young Adult items across several branches. If you work with teens, she's looking for tips on what's popular in your libraries right now.

The many faces of Pride & Prejudice. (Book covers, and only just a small sampling.)

Penguin/Random House merger gets the good housekeeping DOJ seal of approval.

Just like John McClane, the inspiration for the Die Hard movies will live forever (despite what the title says).

Something Old, Something New: Ancient Beowulf Manuscript now Available Online

John Donne's erotica. (I always think of The Flea, but that's just the beginning. Or, rather, the end.)

14 great poets on their favorite love poems.

Stephen King: A Beginner's Guide.

Just for Fun:

I need every one of these Game of Thrones plushies (really, that's a word now?) 

Infographic: The evolution of Star Trek

A nifty PBS bit on the Art of Illustration.


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