Click My Link: February 19, 2013

Happy Monday, er Tuesday!

Trends in materials budgets and circulations, via Library Journal.

How crime fiction has moved on.

Why do teachers think YA books about vampires are trashy? (Good question!)

Penguin acquires a new erotic fanfiction series (featuring a submissive librarian). (E.L. James said she enjoyed them, so...)

9 musicians who have broken into the literary world.

The Feminine Mystique, 50 years later.

Smashwords hits 200,000 titles.

Comic and graphic novel sales were on the rise in January.

Longlists for the upcoming Carnegie awards in fiction and nonfiction.

Small objects reveal "The Real Jane Austen" . . . (OR DO THEY?)

Adult Books for Teens: Historical Fiction.

Just for Fun!

A blogger plans to read and review every bestselling book of the year since 1913.

The Oxford Comma Debate.

Some of the world's worst book proposals.


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